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Stump Grinder Built For Garden Tractor
“I have a nice shop, so rather than spend $2,500 on a stump grinder for my tractor, I decided to make one myself,” says North Dakota inventor Evan Waa. The machine he built resembles a commercial model made by Woodland Mills, a Canadian company.
“My grinder mounts on the 3-pt. hitch of my open station Kubota BX2200, a smaller garden tractor that I can maneuver in and around trees,” Waa says. The tractor has 22 hp. and a 540 pto.
Waa used 2 ft. of 3-in. square steel tubing to build the frame for his grinder. The 24-in. dia. cutting disk is made of 3/4-in. steel fabricated by a metal shop. The disk is bolted to a 1 3/8-in. 6-spline drive shaft that connects directly to the tractor with a flexible slip-clutch style pto shaft.
Waa used his plasma cutter to fabricate the body pieces out of 1/4-in. thick sheet steel that came from metal workbenches damaged in a fire. “I pre-cut slots, so the pieces connect front and rear like a tongue and groove arrangement. I put a flex joint in the middle of the grinder so I can slow down, creep ahead and back up while the wheel is turning,” he says. The pto shaft extends out as the grinder flexes. Waa runs the grinder with his tractor at half throttle.
“The grinder easily cuts an inch to an inch and a half at a time using 34 teeth mounted on the cutting disk. The teeth cost $6.60 each, but they’re carbide tipped and do an excellent job of cutting,” Waa says.
“I’ve probably cut out 30 or more stumps with the grinder without any problems,” Waa adds. “At first, I went too fast over some stumps and killed the tractor, so operating it took a little getting used to. I set up a piece of snow fence on the side of the machine to keep the chips in a pile so they’re easier to clean up.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Evan Waa, Prosper, N.D. (evanwaa@gmail.com).

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