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Stone Roller rolls rocks out of ground
"People can't believe the way it rolls big rocks right up out of the ground, leaving a hole only as big as the rock itself," says Roland Brouzes of Brouzes Welding who's come up with a new "stone roller" for tractor 3-pts. that extracts big rocks by rolling them up and out rather than digging them out of the ground with a dozer or other type of rock digger. It also works great to dig out stumps.
The Stone Roller consists of two rear-slanting 4-ft. prongs of solid steel - 1 1/2 by 8-in. - that are pointed on the lower end. The prongs are spaced 12-in. apart.
To extract a big rock that's sunk deep in the ground, you back up to it at about half throttle, lowering the prongs into the ground when you're still 6 to 8 ft. from the rock. As you continue back, the prongs sink deeper into the ground, down to about 28 in. when they come up against the side of the rock. As they hit the rock, you throttle up and begin to raise the 3-pt. as you continue to move in reverse. The slanted, uplifting prongs start the rock rotating and it rolls itself up and out of the ground. Weight automatically transfers to the rear wheels for added traction and power.
"Sometimes you have to jockey around the rock to find the right side to get a hold. Once you do, you can't believe how easy it rolls rocks out," says Brouzes, who's handled rocks 4 to 5 ft. in dia. with the 3-pt. rig.
He says he got the idea for the roller by remembering back when he was a kid picking rocks. "When we had a rock too big to lift, we rolled it onto the stone boat. Rolling requires less power than lifting."
The heavy-built solid-steel rock roller weighs 430 lbs. He's been selling them locally for two years. Brouzes says many farmers who had been using dozers to ex-tract big rocks especially like the fact that the roller leaves minimal mess. Early purchasers also discovered that the roller works great for extracting stumps, used in the same way it's used on rocks.
Sells for $650. Brouzes is looking for dealers.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Roland Brouzes, Brouzes Welding, Box 6, Notre Dame, Manitoba ROG IMO Canada (ph 204 248-2037 or 2333).

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