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They Make Software For Electric Tractors
Tim Bucher, CEO and co-founder of Agtonomy, recently developed TeleFarmer, a software and services system designed to partner with existing electric tractors.
  “We’re a software and services agtech startup,” says Brooke Brown, Director of Marketing. “We don’t manufacture tractors but work with existing original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like Bobcat, to have them manufacture tractors with our software included.”
  The TeleFarmer targets pre- and post-harvest tasks such as weeding, spraying, mowing and transporting with their manual, remote-control or autonomous modes of function. All partner with electrically powered vehicles. Agtonomy is working with existing battery production companies and has developed a battery pack that can be autonomously swapped when required.
  An app allows a work plan or mission to be programmed, outlining speed and implement capabilities. Mounted cameras and sensors monitor progress and performance plus send notifications if something is malfunctioning or obstacles block the path.
  Brown explains Agtonomy has patented “Trunk Vision,” a navigation system that guides the tractor along rows within near-centimeter precision by using the cameras and sensors to plot the plant’s trunks and vines.
  “Our software and services aren’t commercially available yet, but we are doing pre-commercial paid trials for customers and different wineries right now,” Brown says. “They lease the reference tractor plus the software and services, and together we’re assessing if what we’re developing is meeting the farmer’s needs. Getting feedback is essential.”
  Agtonomy is headquartered in south San Francisco where the software is being developed. Brown says their latest funding round is going well, and interest from high-value crop growers is higher than they can accommodate.
  Costs will be dependent on further testing and progress with OEM.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Brooke Brown, Agtonomy, 255 Harbor Way, South San Francisco, Calif. 94080 (brooke.brown@agtonomy.com; www.agtonomy.com).

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