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“Pulverizer” Mounts Between Skid Steer And Bucket
Level, pulverize and mulch material, and then load and haul with a bucket, all on the same skid steer. The Power Spur power rake mounts to the skid steer arms. A bolt-on adapter mount can carry attachments ahead of it. The mid-mount design boosts both skid steer and tool efficiency.
“The Power Spur levels soil, chews up clods, and more,” says Lester Martin, Reist Industries. “It can chew up the grass and sod of an old lawn, for instance. You can back up and chew up the ground’s surface with the Power Spur, then drive forward and scrape it up with the bucket.”
The Power Spur mounts close to the skid steer, so it takes up less room on a truck or trailer. An optional gauge wheel can be fitted to the Power Spur. However, when the Power Spur is used in line with a bucket, the bucket acts as a gauge wheel or depth gauge. The adapter plates can be adjusted for depth control.
The Power Spur has an aggressive bi-directional rotor that lets it reverse rotation as needed. It’s driven by hydraulic motors at each end and has ditch cutters and side shields. The carbide tips on the rotor are designed to pass closely to the AR400 ledger. At the same time, the floating rotor prevents binding.
Power Spurs come in two models, the 79-in. long PS72 ($9,700 CAD) and the 91-in. long PS84 ($10,250 CAD). Both models require auxiliary hydraulics with at least 18 gpm flow. The PS72 weighs 720 lbs., and the PS84 weighs 770 lbs.
“We have dealers across Canada, as well as several distributors in the U.S.,” says Martin. “Give us a call or visit our website for the dealer nearest you.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Reist Industries, 100 Union St., Elmira, Ontario, Canada N3B 3L7 (ph 519-669-1501; toll-free 877-467-3478; www.reistindustries.com).

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