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Automatic Grease System Uses Standard Cartridges
SKF Lincoln’s Automatic Electric Cartridge Pump (AECP) automatically greases equipment on the go using ordinary grease gun cartridges.
    “You can use it anywhere you would use a grease gun, from balers, combines, skid steers, mini excavators, to street sweepers and construction equipment,” says Jordan Butler, SKF product line manager.
    The AECP accommodates standard 14.1-oz. grease gun tubes and consistencies from NLGI 0 to 2. It can be mounted in any position, works with a piston pump, and is powered by the tractor’s 12-volt battery system. The pump pushes grease from the cartridge through tubing and divider valves to selected grease points.
    Each of the points is individually metered by adjustment screws in the progressive divider valve. They determine the piston travel distance which controls and ratios out the amount of grease delivered. A cab-mounted controller manages run and pulse times, provides a manual cycle capability, and features a low-level detector that alerts the operator when a tube change is required.
    “Our target market was compact equipment with limited space to install automatic lubricating systems,” says Owen Mostoller, SKF national accounts manager. “Another large application was combines, but over time this has transitioned to farm sprayers and applicators due to the environment they operate in and the corrosiveness of the sprays.”
    Mostoller explains what sets the AECP apart from its competitors is other systems use their own distinct reservoirs and filling devices while the SKF equipment holds a standard grease tube.
    “It’s convenient to throw an extra tube in the cab or toolbox,” Mostoller says. “When the controller signals that it’s run empty, you just slap in another tube and carry on. You don’t need to carry a bulk pail or filling device.”
    The AECP is readily available in North America through numerous supporting dealers and distributors.
    The cost of the complete unit including installation for a standard skid loader is approximately $5,000.
    Customers are urged to use the distributor locator tab and contact form on the SKF website for further information and support.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, SKF Lincoln (www.skf.com/us/products/lubrication-management/system-components/pumps-and-pump-units/aecp).

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