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Metal Protector For Hog Water Tanks
New metal protector keeps hogs from damaging galvanized water tanks, according to Rick Siskow, Sheffield, Iowa.
"Save-A-Tank" fits around any major brand of round hog tank. The 80-lb. metal protector, 28 in. tall and 37 in. in dia., consists of 15 vertical bars made from 1/4 by 2-in. iron welded to top and bottom rings made from 1/4 by 1-in. iron. A cross brace support runs across the bottom ring, and four short lengths of 1/4-in. angle iron raise the tank 2 in. off the ground. There are openings for drinkers on each side of the tank, and a third opening for attaching a heater to the waterer. Unit is sprayed with red Rustoleum paint.
"The going price for a 70-gallon galvanized water tank is $180. Save-A-Tank is heavy enough that even big sows can't move it. The added weight eliminates the need to wire the tank to a fence," says Siskow.
Sells for $119.
For more information, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rick Siskow, RR 2, Box 47, Sheffield, Iowa 50475 (ph 515 892-4005).

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