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He Repels Mosquitoes “Naturally”
Steve Moore, aka Mosquito Steve, knows about mosquitoes from real-world experience. He deliberately hung out with them - getting up to 2,000 bites per evening - to develop a better repellent.
“I do it because lab testing doesn’t mimic the results we’re getting outdoors,” Moore says. His safe and natural products are attracting the attention of people who want to spend time outdoors, moms protecting their children, and livestock owners who want to reduce flies, ticks, and pests that bother their animals.
Moore’s quest began after he had a job setting up yard and misting systems using repellent products that were expensive and toxic. He researched alternative ingredients for several years, created a portable mister, and started Mosquito Steve in 2010.
He only uses ingredients on the EPA’s 25(b) list that are considered safe and don’t require registration. That includes essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint and cinnamon, which leave a pleasant smell.
Products like his Supermax spray work by irritating the mosquitoes’ antennas so they stay at least a foot away. Running a sprayer mister that covers a 1/4 acre for just 2 1/2 min. detracts mosquitoes for up to 6 hrs., and it’s safe for humans, pets and pollinators - right after spraying.
“The yard spray takes away the hiding places mosquitoes go to,” Moore says. “It’s about the dose, and it will kill chiggers and fleas because they are so small.” Using the hose end sprayer, which covers up to 5,000 sq. ft., the yard spray can be effective for up to two weeks.
By adding granules (corn cob bits with his formula) that activate with rain, the protection lasts even longer.
Moore recommends a multi-layer approach. For example, a homeowner can mist the yard, sprinkle granules in potted plants and standing water to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs, and burn incense or candles.
Granules sprinkled on the ground also repel snakes and insect pests at campsites. Campers and hikers use Supermax personal spray that’s safe for skin and clothing, lasts 4 hrs. or more, and can be reapplied. It’s also effective for dogs to prevent fleas and ticks.
“With the fly spray on horses, you’ll get protection for 3 days, and it cools their skin,” Moore says, adding he sells in bulk for cattle oilers. He’s working on deterring grasshoppers for crop protection. And he plans to have a mister that covers an acre by 2024.
Currently, he sells the 1/4-acre sprayer for $700. It has a 9-gal. reservoir and remote control with a Wi-Fi bridge to spray at certain times. Supermax sprays range from $9 to $34.
Products are available through the Mosquito Steve website and www.tractorsupply.com.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mosquito Steve, 2353 Santa Anna Avenue, Ste. 19, Dallas, Texas 75228 (ph 214-520-0041; info@mosquitosteve.com; www.mosquitosteve.com).

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