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No Mess Firewood Transfer
Getting firewood from the woodshed to cellar storage can be messy if you don’t have a transfer system like Paul Zawalick. He loads a box behind his compact tractor, drives to the exterior cellar door, and slides the box down the stairs. Once unloaded to a storage rack in the basement, he winches the box back up the stairs and drives away.
“I’ve burned wood for years and tried getting wood into the cellar through a window and down the steps,” says Zawalick. “The cellar was a mess. I came up with this system 30 years ago, and it works great. There’s no mess at all.”
The 25 by 32-in. 3-sided box has a 1/2-in. angle iron frame and rides on caster wheels. Two sides of the box are plywood with a tin side in between to hold the sides together.
“The caster wheels make it easy to roll the box of firewood over to the storage rack in the cellar,” says Zawalick. “When I’m not using it, I can push it into the shed for storage.”
The box rides on a framework of mostly 1 1/2-in. square steel tubing that mounts to the tractor’s 3-pt. hitch. Two 32-in. lengths of 1 1/4 by 1/2-in. by 1/8-in. thick channel iron are mounted to the frame as cross members and for the caster wheels to ride in.
A 12-volt winch is mounted to a 40-in. vertical leg on the left side of the framework. It lets Zawalick control the box as it travels down the steps, as well as pull it back up.
When it’s time to unload, Zawalick lays two 10-ft. channel iron rails down the cellar steps. The rails have tabs on one end that lock into the angle iron framework. He rolls the firewood-filled box across and down the channel iron to the cellar floor. Once there, Zawalick unhooks the winch and rolls it over to unload in the storage rack.
“It takes about three loads of firewood to fill the rack,” says Zawalick. “I strap bungee cords over the top to help hold the wood in place.”
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