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Spraybot Keeps Lawns Weed Free
The Dandy Lawn Care Robot from Dandy Technology could be the answer to weed-free lawns using up to 90 percent less herbicide. The Dandy DT-01 with its half-liter reservoir is intended for lawns of 1/4 acre or less. The DT-01XL with its 1.2-liter reservoir is meant for lawns up to an acre in size.
“Our goal is to minimize the amount of herbicide applied,” says Doug Petro, Dandy Technology. “Our lawn care robots deliver a quick burst based on the size of the weed or the number of weeds in a bunch.”
Petro notes that a single burst contains as little as half a milliliter or about 1/10 teaspoon of herbicide. The herbicide is delivered by the robot, which uses GPS-based routing to travel the entire lawn in crop row fashion. If it gets stuck in one place, it automatically recovers itself.
The robot’s bumper detects fences, walls and other obstructions. The onboard camera helps it avoid mulched areas, gravel and sidewalks. The camera, combined with artificial intelligence and image recognition software, identifies problem weeds for the targeted burst. Recognition of heat patterns in the lawn aid the software in preventing overlap.
“We’re getting 90 percent accuracy of broadleaf weeds and crabgrass,” says Jim Carlton, Dandy Technology. “It should eliminate nearly every weed in two to four sessions a week apart.”
The Dandy works with an app that can be downloaded from Apple or Google. It provides a Google map of the lawn that can be used to map out where you want the Dandy to treat as well as areas to avoid.
The app provides the operator with a heat map of mushrooms, weeds and areas of poor grass growth. It can locate the robot in case of theft and perform over-the-air updates.
The robot travels at up to 50 ft. per min. and can traverse slopes of up to 15 degrees. Batteries offer a 5-hour runtime. The Dandy connects to the home Wi-Fi for app control.
The Dandy Lawn Care Robots are in limited production for home lawns. The DT-01 is priced at $699.99. The DT01XL is priced at $799.99.
A commercial version, designed for larger lawns, golf courses and turf situations, is expected to be available in mid-2023.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dandy Technology, 18 Shepard St., Suite 250, Boston, Mass. 02135 (ph 312-834-4301; info@dandytek.com; www.dandytek.com).

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