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Chia Supplement Best Buy
Elisa Wallace, Reddick, Fla.: “Spirulina Chia feed supplements from StableFeed have proven themselves as immune boosters on my horses. Florida can be very hostile to horses, and as a trainer and competitor (www.wallaceeventing.com) in nationally ranked events and competitions - including Olympic trials - my horses need to be in top condition.
    “One of my mustangs, Hwin, had a summer sore, which is prevalent here in Florida. It involved a small wound that never closed, and we tried everything for about a year, including laser treatments at a rehab facility. She couldn’t go outside if it was wet, and we had to constantly bandage her and apply creams.
    “StableFeed gave me a sample of the Spirulina Chia supplement, and I began adding it to the feed. The wound soon started to close. In 4 to 6 weeks, the wound was gone.
    “Another horse had a sarcoid or skin tumor. It had also lost hair from what is called sweet itch, a skin disease caused by an allergy.
    “Since starting to feed this horse Spirulina Chia supplement, the sarcoid is nearly gone, and the hair is growing back. He now has a full tail and is looking good.
    “I now use the Spirulina Chia feed supplement on all my horses as an immune booster. They’re all healthier and more comfortable. I just add it to their daily feed.
    “I’ve also used the Prickly Pear Chia supplement for glucose support. It’s good for gut health. One of my horses was very fat. The Prickly Pear Chia helped it regulate its sugar, and it’s no longer obese.”

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