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Facebook Group Features “Made It Myself” Equipment
If you’re on Facebook, check out Homemade Farm Equipment (HFE). With more than 107,000 members and posts featuring all kinds of “made it myself” equipment, it’s about as close to FARM SHOW as anything we’ve seen. In fact, it’s been the source for several FARM SHOW stories, and FARM SHOW was the original inspiration for HFE founder Jesse Henderson.
“My dad was a subscriber to FARM SHOW from the time it started, and it was my favorite magazine growing up,” says Henderson, a North Dakota farmer and tractor collector. “I always enjoyed the homemade tractors featured in FARM SHOW, and it was my inspiration when I decided to start a website called homemadetractors.com.”
Henderson’s interest in homemade tractors runs deep. He owns multiple homemade tractors, including four that originated in North Dakota. Several are in restoration, and he’s building a small 4-WD tractor himself.
One reason for the website was to connect with other fans of homemade tractors and collect information about them for a future book. To date, he’s identified around 100 homemade tractors, including several from Australia and other countries around the world.
Eventually, Henderson expanded to a Homemade Tractors group on Facebook. Always intrigued by homemade farm equipment and recognizing it would appeal to a broader audience, he started HFE. It quickly exploded.
“Initially, my websites allowed people to leave comments, but it didn’t take long before companies were pushing service, and it got to be a headache,” says Henderson. “Facebook is much easier to work with. My wife Suzie is experienced with computers and built the pages and helped me start running them. We try to limit things for sale. We’re not a buy-and-sell group.”
Henderson gives a lot of credit for the site’s quality posts to a member and friend who volunteered to help administer the site. “He’s young and good with social media,” says Henderson. “He noticed a lot of scammers getting in. Between the three of us, we check each post, and it doesn’t take long to get a post approved.”
One of the things FARM SHOW staff really appreciate about the group page is the comments, questions and answers that follow a post. “It happens pretty frequently where people want more details,” says Henderson. “I think it’s really useful for those working through their own projects.”
Henderson hopes to keep both his websites and the two Facebook groups going. How long depends on the interest in them that he sees. “As long as people appreciate and utilize them, we’ll keep them going,” he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jesse Henderson, P.O. Box 8, Casselton, N.D. 58012 (ph 701-214-3375; homadetractors@gmail.com; https://www.facebook.com/groups/homemadefarmequipment).

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