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Add-On Screen Doubles Bucket Capacity
As a heavy equipment operator in Wasilla, Alaska, Dan Tucker has plenty of experience moving snow and other material with his skid steer bucket. This past winter was especially challenging with two big snow dumps and 50 to 75 mph winds that created huge drifts. He spent 24 hrs. over 4 days plowing out his driveway as well as his neighbors. But, when frozen chunks of snow rolled off the back of the bucket and broke his skid steer’s windshield twice this past winter, he had to do something.
“I happened to have gravel screen with 1/4-in. rod and 1/2-in. holes,” he says.
He cut the back piece about 16 in. tall with a grinder and welded four 3 by 3 by 1/4-in. angle iron pieces on the bottom and bolted them through holes he drilled in the bucket. With that in place, he made cardboard templates for both sides. After cutting them out of the screen, he clamped the sides to the back and welded them together with angle iron.
He welded two flat 3-in. iron pieces along the bottom of the screen sides that overlap halfway on the bucket and secured each with a bolt near the bottom of the bucket. A V-cap on the top of the screen covers the sharp edges and adds rigidity and strength.
Weighing about 100 lbs., and with just six bolts, Tucker can easily take it off or put it on his skid steer in 5 min. or less.
“It more than doubles the capacity of the (1/2 cu. yd.) bucket,” Tucker says, for light loads such as snow, sawdust, and wood shavings. “And by using the mesh, I can easily see through it for driving and loading and safely look over or under it when it’s loaded.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dan Tucker, 4330 E. Wickersham Way, Wasilla, Alaska 99654 (ph 907-863-1313; antiquetuck@gmail.com).

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