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White Vinegar Removes Rust From Tools
You can soak rusty tools or parts in white vinegar for several days to eliminate rust and return them to prime condition.
White vinegar is the perfect solution for restoring rusted tools. Itís inexpensive when purchased by the gallon and has an acidic rate of around 5 percent, which is strong enough to remove rust from most metal objects.
Vinegar can be damaging to some materials. It will darken wood quickly and can strip the finishes off metal objects. Itís best to test on a small area before committing to it for the whole project to ensure it gives you the results youíre looking for.
The vinegar will eliminate much of the rust, and you can remove the rest with a soft rag. Steel wool can be used on extra stubborn areas.
Metal rusts quickly when itís been rusted once before, so youíll want to use a protectant soon after it dries to seal the new surface and prevent repeat damage.
You can reuse vinegar multiple times, so consider storing it in a glass or plastic container until you plan to use it again.

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