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Nebraskans Host Outhouse Race
Popular new spectator sport at fairs, centennials and other community celebrations is outhouse racing.
North Platte, Neb., recently held a privy race as part of their Nebraskaland Days celebration. It was the first time for the race in North Platte, according to Larry Britton, coordinator of the event, who says the idea came from a neighboring community which has staged the event for the past few years.
Since it was the first year for the race in North Platte, only three teams entered. However, Britton says the crowd enjoyed the race so much that he expects many more entries next year.
The three teams, sponsored by local merchants, were the "Backyard Trots", "Night Deposit" and the eventual winner, "South Farty". The teams raced against the clock, vying for prizes, trophies and the distinguished honor of being the town's fastest outhouse racing team.
Each team had five members, four to push and one rider. The 4 by 4 by 5-ft. outhouses were mounted on wheeled trailers equipped with a crazy wheel and brakes but not a steering lever. Each privy required a working door, complete with a 1/4 moon. Maximum weight, with the rider was 650 lbs.
Teams raced through a five stop obstacle course. At each stop, the rider jumped out of the privy and completed the particular task. The stops, spaced 90 ft. apart, included such athletic skills as: digging a walnut out of a pail of mud; throwing a tire over a running sprinkler' head; dashing through an obstacle course of tires, tearing out a page from a Sears and Roebuck catalog and then running back through the tires; throwing a roll of toilet paper into a commode 10 ft. away; and hurdling a 4 ft. high headboard, unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper and then jumping back over the headboard.

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