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New-Style Clamps Grip Better
Piher’s Maxipress Clamps offer more clamping force with less effort. Two threads act like a gear to give greater gripping pressure and a faster advance.
Bill Fudale of Bow Products in Superior, Colo., is a U.S.-based seller of Piher products.
He regularly attends farm shows like Husker Harvest Days in Nebraska and sees firsthand how much farmers appreciate their Maxipress Clamps.
“Guys keep coming back to buy more of these clamps to make sure they have enough on hand,” says Fudale.
He says if you consider some of the competition, they basically sell the same forged-style clamps with the Acme threads. “The only differences between them are the name and prices,” he says.
“Piher has come out with a piston system,” Fudale says. “They also have protected threads and a non-spin advance using two fine-threaded screws that work together.
“Not only do they apply greater torque faster, but they have a bottom jaw that advances without spinning,” he says.
Fudale says farmers have an interesting reaction when he demonstrates how efficient the clamps are. He takes a couple of 4-in. pipes, opens the bottom jaw of the clamp, and puts the first one in the jaws and the second one perpendicular.
He then closes the jaw and starts to tighten it. “The farmers just look at me and ask, ‘How much?’” Fudale says.
Working with a regular clamp with a “spindle” on the bottom jaw with the thread exposed is challenging. He says you almost need three hands to work with it comfortably.
“Imagine you’re a farmer trying to mend a fence gate with a pipe and trying to hold the bar in place and clamp it at the same time,” Fudale says. “The Maxipress clamps save a lot of time and come with a lifetime guarantee.”
The clamp has a non-spin advance. The bottom jaw advances like a vise as the clamp is turned. It’s a significant advantage over those forged clamps, as the material has no chance to “walk” or move as you turn the clamp to apply pressure.
The Maxipress has a grooved fixed jaw for the best possible grip on tubes, profiles, and other items that are hard to grip.
The jaws have curved heads, allowing them to work around edges and protrusions. The clamps come with a positioning system to prevent any free fall of the bottom jaw. There’s also a tempered steel, non-slip brake on the moving jaw.
The clamps glide smoothly up and down an extra-resistant hot rolled steel bar.
The clamps are available through the company website. Prices vary depending on the size of the clamp but range from $45 to $217.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bow Products, 8778 Boyce Road, Corfu, N.Y. 14036 (ph 844-895-4488; www.bow-products.com).

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