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Kit Extends Air Seeder Cart Augers
Rodono Industries makes filling an air seeder cart faster and easier, especially from hopper bottom trailers. The Rodono ACX Retractor Kit is an easy retrofit for standard commodity cart augers and conveyor belts. It adds a 10-ft. auger with 10 ft. of extension and +/- 80 degrees of pivot.
“More and more farmers are wanting to load their air seeder cart from a Super B or hopper bottom trailer, but if the OEM auger isn’t designed for that type of trailer, it can be really hard to get the auger under it,” says Darren Grose, Rodono Industries. “Our ACX-Retractor Kit extends the auger and allows it to pivot under the hopper bottom trailer.”
Rodono has been making auger extensions that telescope out and swing under hopper trailers for a dozen years. The family-owned company made their first one for use on their farm as they started using hopper bottom trailers at harvest.
“We found that simple swing augers didn’t work very well with the Super B trailers,” says Grose. “We made a few prototypes before coming up with one that worked as we wanted. The telescoping part took a bit to get reliable.”
Rodono sells the Xtend retracting swing as a retrofit. It has also been licensed to several major auger makers in the U.S. and Canada.
The ACX-Retractor Kit doesn’t telescope out. Instead, the 10-ft. extension sits on top of the cart’s OEM auger until needed. At that point, it travels down the installed rail, to the ground with its discharge end directly over the OEM’s intake.
The kit consists of a standard hopper/electrical/tube assembly and an air cart, model-specific, rail/collector assembly. The hydraulic screw motor is sized to match the auger motor on the cart auger. It’s available with manual or remote controls.
“The kit is still pretty new,” says Grose. “The price varies some based on the kind of cart it’s going on, but usually runs over $20,000 by the time it’s installed.”
Grose explains that the kit does alter the balance of the OEM auger. This can require adding hydraulics to move the arm in and out and tilt it.
He notes that the kit itself is easy to install. “It’s meant to be a bolt-on kit,” says Grose. “We recommend the customer install it themselves.”
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Rodono Industries, 40216 Range Rd. 250, Clive, Alta., Canada T0C 0Y0 (ph 403-784-3864; contact@rodono.ca; www.rodono.ca).

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