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They Make Compact And Portable Chicken Coops
Pine Grove Structures in Pembroke, Ky., sells portable chicken coops that work for pet and poultry owners at all scales. The company got its start focusing on building lawn furniture. “Then, one customer asked if we’d be interested in building a certain style coop, one that was a 4 by 6 wood frame structure,” says company representative Vernon Fox. “We did, and now call it our ‘Free Range Style.’”
Word got around about Pine Grove Structure’s custom coops, to the point that within a few years, the company stopped manufacturing lawn furniture altogether to focus exclusively on them.
Today, the company sells structured chicken coops that essentially operate as portable buildings. They are built with wood and have 4 by 4-in. treated wood runners under the floor frame. Sizes range from 4 by 4 ft. for the smallest frame, up to 10 by 12 ft. Says Fox, “We also offer the option of a custom style or size to meet a customer’s needs.” There’s also an aluminum coop available that’s better suited for broilers, as it’s at a slightly lower height than the layer coop.
Each aluminum frame coop is designed for easy moving. They come with adjustable, flat-free wheels and a lightweight yet heavy-duty tarp for the roof, as well as bracing along the inside that serves a dual purpose as chicken roosting space. Despite their size, the coops are designed to be well-balanced and light enough that even children can easily move them on flat ground - especially when the optional four-hole nesting boxes are attached. These nesting boxes make it possible to gather eggs from the outside - no entering the coop is required. Feeders and waterers will become available in the near future as well.
The company believes they offer a versatile product. “There’s a lot you can do with these coops,” says Fox. “Just to give you an idea, one guy talked of putting a coop in his garden over winter and letting the chickens do the tilling and fertilizing.” And while chickens are the natural choice for coop inhabitants, they’ve also been used for ducks, pigs, and in one notable instance, a miniature horse.
Pine Grove Structures ships nationwide. The best shipping quotes occur when your order is sent to a commercial address, as the price for residential addresses tends to be higher. To order, call the company directly and ask for Vernon Fox.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pine Grove Structures, 1375 Jeff Adams Rd Pembroke, KY 42266 (ph 270-890-0452).

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