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Custom Benches Built With Truck Parts
Jason Barnett believes that old truck bodies donít always have to end up at a salvage yard. Using his more than 20 years of metalworking experience, Barnett turns pieces of truck body cabs, doors, endgates, and boxes into extra sturdy metal benches.
His custom GMC bench uses an old truckís tailgate and rear cab wall for a sturdy bench back. Those pieces are welded onto a section of the box sides. Sheet metal flooring and a sturdy metal frame support the bench. The truckís original paint scheme is maintained and covered with rust-resistant lacquer.
Barnettís Coca-Cola bench is built on a similar frame with the sides using the left and right doors from a Coca-Cola delivery truck. The bench and back resemble a large Coca-Cola cooler. Inserts in front of the seat are side panels from old wooden Coca-Cola bottle crates.
Barnettís American flag bench is fashioned from the back of an old Ford pickup cab. He rebuilt the box sides and incorporated the rounded fenders, taillights, and license holder into the design. Its wooden floor resembles an old 1930ís pickup truck box. Barnett finished his patriotic design with a red, white and blue paint scheme that wraps across the back of the cab, down the back of the bench, and around the fenders to depict a folded flag.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Jason Barnett, Alvin, Texas (cjasonbarnett@gmail.com; Facebook: Artist Jason Barnett).

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