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Oil Seed Used As Cover Crop
A new carinata hybrid is showing real potential for growers in the southern tier states as a dual-purpose crop. Fall planted, it provides the soil health benefits of a cover crop and yields a valuable oil seed.
  “We were able to launch Nujet 400, our first ever carinata hybrid, this past year,” says Roger Rotariu, Nuseed. “It’s an overwintering cover crop with the bonus of being taken to yield for its oil seed. The initial market is as aviation fuel.”
  Developed from a brassica commonly called Ethiopian mustard, Nuseed’s carinata is producing yield averages of 30 bu. (1,500 lbs.) per acre from Texas east to northern Florida and into North Carolina.
  Rotariu reports that 100 percent of Nujet seed has been planted under contract to Nuseed. A market for all the feedstock produced over several years to come has been guaranteed by BP, the British oil and gas company.
  “Having a guaranteed outlet for supply means we can stand behind our growers,” says Rotariu. “This first year, we have delivery points in Texas and Georgia and will ensure additional delivery points as we contract with farmers throughout the growing area.”
  Nujet reaches a plant height of 45 to 55 in., flowering in 4 to 5 weeks and maturing 170 to 180 days after planting. It’s reported to have good pod shatter tolerance.
  “It has a great fit in a corn/soybean rotation, but can easily be worked into a cotton or peanut rotation as well, as these crops give the best chance to go in by mid-October to the end of November,” says Rotariu. “A following crop shouldn’t need to go in before the middle of March.”
  “Nujet needs less than 80 units of N per acre, with starter in the fall and top dressing with foliar through the season as needed,” says Rotariu. “As a cover crop, it’s great at foraging for nutrients and moisture alike.”
  Nuseed will be working with different crushers to cold crush the carinata seed. Once the oil has been removed, the crush can be utilized for livestock, similar to soybean meal.
  “Our main goals this first season are to establish the commercial opportunity and establish carinata’s value as a cover crop with soil health and soil protection benefits,” says Rotariu. “We’ll continue to ramp up acres and are looking for growers interested in contracting for the 2023 fall season.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Nuseed, 5101, 333 96th Ave. NE, Calgary, Alta., Canada T3K 0S3 (ph 403-219-2098; toll-free 888-786-7333; www.nuseed.com); or Parker Bontrager, Field Sales Manager-Texas (ph 260-336-2261; parker.bontrager@nuseed.com); or Derek Barber, Field Sales Manager-Southeast U.S. (ph 904-776-3547; derek.barber@nuseed.com).

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