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World’s Oldest Living Chicken
How do you prove a chicken is more than 20 years old? That’s the dilemma Marsi Parker Darwin faced in her effort to get Guinness World Records to certify her pet hen, Peanut, as the world’s oldest chicken. Just before this issue went to press, she got notification that she has succeeded.
    Before Peanut was born in 2002, Darwin almost threw out the Nankin/Mille Fleurs cross egg after the rest of the chicks in her batch hatched. But then Darwin heard a peep and saw a tiny crack. She peeled the chick out of the egg and with a heat lamp, food, water, and tender care, Peanut thrived. She was a good hen that laid eggs for eight years.
    “She’s very distinctive, golden brown with flecks of black and white,” Darwin says, adding Peanut jumps into her arms and hops up to perch on her shoulder. When she didn’t die off like other chickens on her “no kill” farm, a friend encouraged Darwin to pursue the Guinness record.
    Darwin provided Guinness with a statement from her niece, who is a veterinarian, along with letters from other witnesses and many photos taken over the years.
    Peanut walks stiffly like she is arthritic but is doing well. “Peanut knows her name and likes watching TV when she’s in the house,” Darwin says, admitting she spoils her with treats like grapes and blueberry yogurt.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Marsi Parker Darwin 9080 Beeman Rd., Chelsea, Mich. 48118 (marsi@darwinstudio.com; www.darwinstudio.com).

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