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He Made A Better Hand Pump Sprayer
“I recently needed a hand pump sprayer and went looking for one in my barn. I had several but none of them worked because of damage caused by the chemicals I used in them over the years,” says Colin Smith, Franklinville, N.J.
    “Not wanting to spend money on another new one, I grabbed an old one and took it to my shop. First, I removed the pump and sealed the air valve. Then I got a truck-type tire valve stem that has a screw-on nut to hold it in place. I drilled a hole near the top of the spray tank for the valve and used a stem puller to put it in and tighten it.
    “Then I filled it with water and put the old hand pump back in. I then used a small battery-powered bicycle air compressor that I bought online to pressurize the tank. You can set the little compressor to whatever maximum pressure you want. Just turn it on, set it to 10 psi, and start spraying. You won’t have to stop and pump every other minute.”
    “Don’t use a regular compressor to pump it up because if you over-pressurize, the sprayer could blow up. “
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Colin Smith, Franklinville, N.J. 08322.

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