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Simple Lock Protects Trailers
Arden and Salley Vernon of Turon, Kan., have an easy fix to keep your trailer safe.
“It’s called the EZE-LOC,” says Vernon. “It’s a trailer lock that goes on the hand-crank jack of gooseneck trailers or implement trailers. Once it’s locked in, it disables the hand-crank jack on your trailer.”
You’ll have to drill a hole through the pipe that turns the jack up and down. The EZE-LOC goes through the hole, and then you attach a padlock to keep it safe. The hand-crank jack will not move once it’s locked.
The lock itself is 12 in. long, made of solid steel, powder-coated, and difficult to cut off. While anything can eventually be cut off, Vernon points out that most thieves don’t want to work that hard and draw attention to themselves.
The diameter of the lock is 1/2 in., so he says the hole should be drilled at 17/32 in. dia.
“We sell the padlocks separately,” Vernon says. “They’re solid, round padlocks built to be very awkward for a bolt cutter to bite through. People who’ve lost their keys say the only way they could get the lock off was to use a cutting torch.”
The birth of the EZE-LOC began when Vernon spent some time talking to an Oklahoma detective whose primary job was investigating trailer thefts.
“Areas around Tulsa and Oklahoma City are probably the trailer-theft capitals of the world,” he says. “Trailers are easy targets because they have an equine event in both cities almost every week.”
Trailers with hand-cranked jacks are the easiest trailers to make off with when unguarded. It’s tough to steal trailers with electric jacks because the jacks are disabled when the towing vehicle shuts off.
“But the hand-crank jack is just sitting there and waiting to get turned by anyone,” he says. “All thieves need to do is hook it up to their trucks and take off with it.”
“It’s simple and convenient to use,” he says.
They retail for $30 each, plus S&H. “If you have a trailer worth $25,000, then $30 isn’t much to protect that investment,” Vernon says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Arden and Salley Vernon, EZE-LATCH for Trailers, P.O. Box 356, Turon, Kan. 67583 (ph 866-231-8589; www.eze-latch.com).

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