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Portable Feed Tank For UTVs
The idea for Feed Train’s UTV feeder was born when a customer built a homemade model that sat on the back rack of a 4-wheeler. He also wanted something to fit in the rear of a side-by-side, so he came to Feed Train to ask them to work on a more usable design.
  “His original unit was heavy steel, but we used a translucent poly tank for its reduced weight and to be able to see how much feed was inside,” says Eric Lutz, Feed Train manager. “We added an aluminum base and built-in forklift pockets for lifting on and off a UTV. It also has handles on both sides for manual lifting.”
  The 63-in. wide and 38-in. high tank sits on a 12-in. aluminum base and can hold up to 600 lbs. of shelled corn. The entire unit is strapped to a UTV bed at multiple points. An aluminum cover is held in place with bungee cords.
  “Our 4-in. electric auger sits down in the bed, so it carries the load as low as possible,” Lutz says. “It’s slightly angled to easily move the feed out the side.”
  The feeder has its own absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery, so it doesn’t drain the UTV’s power supply. A 9-ft. control cord for dispensing feed along with a 9-ft. charging cord come standard. Control leads can be disconnected and remain installed on the UTV.
  Available options include a digital scale and a modified auger for feeding range cubes.
  The units are built from scratch and assembled in Unionville. Dealerships are located throughout the U.S., but Lutz says they’re always looking for more.
  Prices for the portable feeders start at approximately $2,225 plus S&H.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Eric Lutz, Feed Train, 2808 Industrial Drive, Unionville, Mo. 63565 (ph 888-592-2351; feedtrain@yahoo.com; www.feedtrain.com)

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