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Easy-To-Use Fencing Tool
Wes Hilton says the Show-Me Twister fencing tool takes the place of screwdrivers, pliers, and anything else people typically use to work on fencing.
It’s a hand tool used for installing and securing T-post fence clips on barbed wire fences.
“Our tool uses leverage to create the bend in the clip that goes around the wire,” Hilton says. “The real benefit of this thing is it does a great job of tightening a fence clip on both sides.
“The long end of the fence clip is inserted in the hole on the tip of the tool. Then the tool is rotated over and under the strand of barbed wire till secured,” Hilton says. “The other end of the clip is inserted in the hole on the side of the tool and pulled down tight.”
The tool’s design makes it easy to tightly install a single clip in well under 20 seconds. If livestock lean on the fence or deer jump over it, they won’t knock the fence down because it’s on there snugly.
“This tool is much faster than running down your fence with a pair of pliers,” he says.
There are other fencing tools on the market, but Hilton says the Show-Me Twister tool has an important difference. There’s a bend at the end of the Show-Me Twister that isn’t there in the competition.
“When you put that clip in the hole at the top and slide it all the way down, it creates pressure on that clip, and it bites inside that tool,” Hilton says. “That bite ensures that the Twister tool won’t come off the clip till it’s tight.”
The Hilton family has had a cattle farm for years and did a lot of fixing fences. Wes Hilton says the Twister is a product of his father, Mark, getting a little arthritis and wanting to make fencing easier.
“We had used other products but found they weren’t ergonomically friendly,” he says. “Nor did we like that you couldn’t use them to tighten both sides of the clip. So, we made some modifications and wound up with a better tool.”
The tool is popular among farmwives and younger kids who work on fencing because the design is comfortable for people with smaller hands.
The Hilton family’s patent on the Show-Me Twister became official in 2021, and the reception from farmers has been all positive since then.
“We’ve had this thing at farm shows across the Midwest,” Hilton says. “Over time, we’ve had many people approach us at shows saying they lost theirs and wanted to buy two because they like our tool so much.”
The tool is available on the company website for $21.99, with shipping and tax included.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mark and Wes Hilton, 28103 Redwood Lane, Lebanon, Mo. 65536 (ph 417-594-1099; www.showmetwister.com).

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