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Skid Steer Attachment Does Two Jobs
Riley Hladun of Duval, Sask., wanted to make one universal attachment for his skid steer rather than buy two separate attachments.
Hladun needed to move equipment in and out of his machine shed and be able to mount a post-hole auger to the bucket too.
“When I needed to use the bucket for something else, I had to unbolt it and take the thing off,” he says. “That was cumbersome and took me about 20 minutes.”
The original plan was to build a mainframe out of 2 1/2-in. square tubing and weld on a 2-in. receiver coupler to add on a typical ball hitch for a truck.
But that limited the different types of equipment he could move around the farm. It also had to be sturdy to handle the force needed to use the post-hole auger.     “I stuck the snout of my attachment out by two feet,” Hladun says. “For the post-hole auger part of it, I used some 2 1/2-in. square tubing with a 1/4-in. wall that I had in my shop.
“I mounted that onto the post hole auger and made it into a sort of receiver hitch,” he says. “To remove the auger, all I have to do is pull one pin and it’s free and clear.”
After that, he can slide the truck hitch back into the attachment. Hladun says he killed “two birds with one stone” by doing this.
“I don’t have to buy a post-hole attachment for my skid steer,” he says. “I have a cattle farm here and didn’t want to spend up to $5,000 on something that doesn’t get used every day.”
He’s drilled roughly 20 holes with the auger this fall using the attachment. Hladun is interested to see how the auger works as winter sets into Saskatchewan and the ground freezes.
He’s not finished with the combination equipment mover and post-hole auger. “I also want to add on a removable bale spear,” he says.
Building with scraps saved him a lot of money, and it only took an hour to build the attachment. He’s not planning on building this for sale but would be happy to tell others about his project.
“With the price of steel and other supplies in Canada today, I probably saved around $800 doing it this way,” he says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Riley Hladun, Duval, Saskatchewan, Canada (ph 306-725-8310; hladun23@gmail.com).

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