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“Garden Basket” Added To Zero-Turn Mower
Max Welch of Austin, Ark., has a large greenhouse and garden on his property.
“My wife and I needed a better way to carry garden and greenhouse produce,” Welch says. “She needed something on wheels to make it easier.”
So, he put together a fold-up basket that would attach to the back of his zero-turn riding lawn mower.
“We didn’t have a golf cart or anything like that,” he says. “The only thing we had available to move produce was the mower.”
Welch says it was hard to come up with a design. He wanted something that would fold up out of the way when they weren’t transporting produce.
“It’s kind of like a Reese Hitch,” he says. “It has sockets like a trailer hitch and is built with two of those, one on each side. I can pick the whole mechanism up or fold it up and pin it out of the way while we mow.”
The metal basket is bolted onto a plate attached to the mower. There’s 1 1/4-in. square tubing that 1-in. tubing slides down into.
“That 1-in. tubing has an L-shaped bracket that will either hold it when it’s folded down or hold it up and it pins,” Welch says.
He built the carrier from scratch after visiting a friend who’d just replaced his air conditioner’s condenser unit. The rods in the bottom are from an air conditioner grill.
“I like that grill better than expanded metal,” he says. “And it’s what I had available.” Welch says it would be easy to attach something similar on any zero-turn mower. Anyone interested in ordering should contact Max direct for more information as different models change sizes and specs.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Max Welch, 276 Seven Gables Road, Austin, Ark. 72007 (ph 662-701-8530).

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