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Folding Header Designed To Reduce Yield Loss
“Other companies talk about chopping and cutting when referencing their corn headers,” says Dustin Bollig, V.P. of Dragotec U.S.A. “We do that too, but ours are mainly designed to reduce yield loss.”
    The Drago GT corn header is manufactured in Italy with dealers across North America wherever there is corn, Bollig says. As the main North American distributor, Dragotec handles all aspects of warranty, training, set up and service.
    “The number one thing farmers like about our headers is the reduction in yield loss,” Bollig says. “We accomplish this by using self-adjusting deck plates that automatically move to fit the crop. The corn stalks spread the deck plates open to the right width, rather than having to guess where to set them.”
    Bollig points to university studies stating if plates are off the stalk by an 1/8 in., up to four bushels per acre can be lost. Drago’s plates move and adjust automatically rather than positioning them hydraulically.
    The Drago GT header also has longer knife rolls than its competitors. Their smaller diameter equals added plant processing time which allows the roller tips to run slower. This controlled process results in less ear bounce and fewer kernel losses while still maintaining normal field speed.
    Bollig adds their equipment has a lower deck angle using less energy to move corn heads upward. Chain movement is slower and works with the largest diameter deep trough auger of any competitor for smoother operation.
    “Quad suspension absorbs the energy of the ears hitting the deck plate vs. the ear absorbing the energy, plus our four-way movement removes debris. It’s an enhanced self-cleaning mechanism,” Bollig says.
    The GT is also entirely gear driven except for the gathering chain which adds efficiency.
    Its folding option is also unique to Drago as no hydraulics are used. Simple lever operation allows it to slide into place as connections are made.
    Options include a single or twin-crop alternative that sizes residue down for increased stalk breakdown.
    Bollig recommends farmers contact their local dealer or visit Dragotec’s website to access a dealer locator and find prices, features, models and options.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dustin Bollig, Dragotec U.S.A, Fenton, Iowa 50539 (www.dragotec.com).

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