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Steam Cleaner Best Buy
Tim Anderson, Beresford, S. Dak: “I love keeping my equipment clean with my Combination Pressure Washer and Steam Cleaner (H3.8D2000) from Sioux Corporation. I use it to keep my tractors, skid steers, combine, truck and other equipment clean and looking great.
  “I mostly use it after spring’s work and harvest. Those are two of the most important times of the year to clean equipment.
  “The combination unit lets me switch between hot-water pressure washing, steam cleaning and cold-water pressure for a quick rinse. The 2,000 psi, 3.8 gpm pressure washer is perfect for cleaning dust, dirt and mud off equipment without peeling off safety or maintenance decals.
  “The pressure washing is great, but the steam cleaning mode is my overwhelming favorite. It melts away grease, oil, sludge and grime from my equipment. Steam gets into hard-to-reach places and cleans safely around electrical components and bearings without damaging high pressure. Steam also cleans surfaces without blowing debris back onto equipment or me. It gets my equipment clean from top to bottom.
  “Sioux Corporation has been great with any parts or maintenance requests, and the machine is still running strong after 10 years. I expect it will keep doing so for another 10 years or more.
  “Having clean equipment is great for its own sake, but over time the steam cleaner will more than pay for itself. Clean, well-maintained equipment always brings more money when it’s time to sell or trade.”

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