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Air-Filled Curtains Keep Dairy Barns Comfortable
Ventec’s air-filled curtains consist of UV-resistant, inflated polyethylene tubes made to tightly fit barn walls. They let in lots of light during winter but keep out cold. In the summer, they’re easily lowered to boost ventilation.
    Each section of curtain comes with two 2-ft. wide end kits, one of which is equipped with air blower motors. Galvanized steel support pipes add strength against high winds or other extreme weather.
    “All the individual cells or tubes are connected to each other and the blowers,” says Guillaume Lévesque, Ventec sales and marketing representative. “When the blowers start it brings the air into the cells pushing the curtain up and down. For longer or higher sections, up to three blowers will fill three sections in the curtain, top, middle and bottom. Normally, for flexibility, the middle fills first, and if we want to fill a larger opening, the other blowers will run and bring the bag down to the ground.”
    The curtains are made from 3 to 16 ft. in height and can cover up to 150 ft. in length for one section. Three blowers handle up to 150 ft. of curtain.
    “The poly membrane is attached by wires and cables, two lower cables tightened up in the end kit, and one cable up top attached to the rail. When the air goes into the tubes it just follows the rail with the inflation lifting the bag,” says Lévesque.
    Power can be supplied by a simple electrical switch, but normally it’s run through a control system guided by artificial intelligence along with probes and sensors installed inside and outside the barn. The system can be programmed to open and close automatically based on temperature, humidity and other weather conditions.
    He explains the insulation factor sets the Polymat apart from its competitors as 2 extra feet of mat in each end kit seal snugly against the wall. This makes it waterproof and airtight helping maintain the desired temperature, plus the transparent membrane allows for plenty of outside light to reduce indoor lighting costs when the curtain is closed. When the wall is folded down in the summer, natural light and airflow are provided.
    “It stops cold air and drafts keeping the animals comfortable and productive,” Lévesque says. “We’ve set them up throughout Canada and the northern U.S. in cold winter weather and they work great. We’ve even installed some near Siberia, Russia.”
    The Polymat G3 is produced in Quebec and available to North American farmers through a dealership network.
    Lévesque says the curtains are priced per linear foot with a standard 10 ft. high, 100 ft. long membrane selling for about $2,500 (CAD). All components needed to complete a wall of this size would be approximately $8,000 (CAD) plus S&H.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Guillaume Lévesque, Ventec Canada, 4000 Pinard Avenue, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada J2S 8K4 (ph 450-357-0662; levesqueg@jolco.ca; www.ventec.ca).

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