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Boom Swap Speeded Up Spraying
Craig Dalton cut his spray time by more than 2/3 with a pair of new booms. Saving time is important when highbush blueberries are a sideline to the 180-head family dairy business. Dalton and his brother Marc raise Jerseys on farms that neighbor the 70-acre blueberry farm.
  “When we bought the farm, it was for the land, but I ended up enjoying the berries,” says Dalton. “We’ve been raising blueberries now for 4 years. There’s a little pocket here, a micro-climate that lets us harvest blueberries very early, even for our area.”
  The early harvest is great for getting the use of harvesting machines, but Dalton has to get the berries to maturity first.
  “A 500-gal. sprayer that covered two rows at a time came with the farm,” says Dalton. “It took 10 hrs. to spray the berries. Now I can do it in 3 hrs. spraying six rows with 60-ft. of booms.”
  Dalton removed the short spray booms from the sprayer mast frame and mounted the new spray booms. No other changes were needed to the older sprayer.
  “The only negative was the booms came from a dealer in Ontario,” says Dalton. “Shipping was as much as the booms, but it was still worth it.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Craig Dalton, 42280 S. Sumas Rd, Chilliwack, B.C., Canada V2R 4W3 (ph 604-798-0947; jmcfarms07@gmail.com).

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