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“Pulldozer” Blades Replace Big Cats
Bridgeview Mfg. pull-type dozer blades can dig ponds, bury rocks, cover brush piles, and level and shape fields with a high horsepower tractor, eliminating the need for a big Caterpillar or other dozer. The fixed-blade and adjustable wing “Pulldozers” can do what big dozers and earth scrapers do at a much lower cost.
The 1810 Pulldozer has a working width of 18 ft. and a transit width of 18 1/2 ft. It requires from 250 to 400 hp. The 12-ft. center blade with two angled wings holds from 15 to 18 cu. yds. of dirt as it’s removed from one area to be spread in another. The blade can be tilted up to 45 in. over the 18-ft. width and has a cutting depth of up to 10 1/4 in. An XL version has a retractable trencher that can rip a trench up to 35 in. deep.
The 2410 has a 24 ft. working width and a 24 1/2 ft. transit width. It requires from 400 to 600 hp. and has an 18-ft. center blade with two angled wings. The U-shape can remove and retain from 20 to 25 cu. yds. of material. The blade has a maximum depth of 12 in. and can tilt up to 45 in. over its 24-ft. width. The 2410XL with retractable trencher has a maximum trenching depth of 42 in.
The Pulldozer Transformer is also available in 18 and 24-ft. models with XL retractable trencher versions. They require from 300 to 400-hp. tractors. Folding wings independently adjust from -10 degrees to +40 degrees, while axles telescope and retract for field or road use. Raise both wings and the Transformers can cut flat bottom channels. Raise one wing and lower the other and they can form a terrace. With both wings lowered, the Pulldozer Transformers can form a crown. Both models have a maximum blade depth of 15 in.
The 1870 has a working width of 18 ft. with a 48-in. center blade. Depending on the angle of the 8-ft. wings, the 1870 can remove from 9 to 18 cu. yds. of material. It has a blade tilt range of up to 45 in. over its full width. Transit width with folded wings and retracted wheels is only 10 ft. The XL version can rip a trench up to 35 in. deep.
The 2470 has a working width of 24 ft. with an 18-ft. center blade and a transit width of 13 ft. 11 in. It can remove up to 25 cu. yds. with fully opened wings and offers a maximum blade tilt of 45 in. over its full width. The XL version with its retractable trencher has a maximum ripping depth of 42 in.
Both the Pulldozer with fixed blades and the Pulldozer Transformer are available with serrated blades. They double the cutting pressure per inch of blade and improve both cutting and depth control over smooth edge blades.
Bridgeview Mfg. markets its Pulldozer and Pulldozer Transformer through dealers in the U.S. and Canada. Contact local dealers found on the company website for product prices.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Bridgeview Manufacturing Inc., Box 4, Hwy 22, Gerald, Sask., Canada S0A 1B0 (ph 306-745-2711; bmi@sasktel.net; www.bridgeviewmanufacturing.com).

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