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“Redneck” Bird Feeder Has It All
“My husband Dale built this portable bird feeding station for us almost entirely out of recycled items. He calls it our ‘redneck bird feeder’. Birds love it,” says Rosita McQuown, Transfer, Penn.
The portable bird feeding station is normally positioned about 20 ft. from the McQuown’s house so they can watch birds feed from their sunroom. It’s electrified to be squirrel-proof and has a tin roof covered by pine boughs and contains three big bird feeders, one made from a big plastic pretzel container and another from a 2-liter pop bottle. There’s also a suet feeder.
The entire unit rides on a pair of small wheels off an old push mower, with a long 2 by 4 serving as a handle. “I can quickly move the feeder out of the way when I mow,” says McQuown.
A pair of vertical 2 by 2’s support the feeding station whose floor and one side are made from lattice paneling. A plastic sheet covers one end of the station to keep snow from blowing into the feeders, and a wire closet rack at the other end supports the pretzel container feeder. A large tree branch fastened to one end of the station serves as a big perch.
An electric fence charger is used to keep squirrels from stealing seed. “The charger is wired to a pair of horizontal metal bars located about a foot off the ground, which keep squirrels from climbing up the stand,” says McQuown. “At first I slid a pair of pop bottles around the two supports to act as squirrel baffles, but the fence charger is much more effective.”
To convert the pretzel container, McQuown cut several holes in the side of a pop bottle and placed it inside the container. He used a Dremel tool to cut holes into the bottom corners of the container to make feeding ports.
He made the pop bottle feeder by cutting off the top 1/4 of the bottle and cutting four holes in the side, then gluing the bottle to a plastic dish.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale McQuown, 2040 Rutledge Rd., Transfer, Penn. 16154 (ph 724-962-6050 or cell 814-771-5105; rosita.mcquown@verizon.net).

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