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Stand-Up Electric ATV
You stand up and it’s silent. Those are the obvious differences of the LyteHorse™ Stand-Up Electric ATV. But they are only a couple of the features that set the revolutionary ATV apart, says Allen Bonk, CEO of LyteHorse in Regina, Sask.
    Bonk and his brother, Brad, started the project to make a machine that could be used on a golf course. They ended up with a power horse with applications in agriculture, outdoor sports, industry and the military.
    “There’s a lot of ag interest because there is no sound or emissions. It can be used to check cattle without scaring animals,” Bonk says, adding it’s also useful for hunting and outdoor activities.
    As a stand-up model, the LyteHorse comes with an optional backrest/seat. But stepping on and off makes it easier and more efficient to operate for tasks such as checking fences, or security officers making their rounds, for example.
    Bonk stresses its safety features, noting that a quad will flip at about a 37-degree angle. Due to the offset wheel design (wider at the front than the rear) it takes about 60 degrees to flip the LyteHorse, making it safer.
    The 900-lb. machine is also powerful, with more torque than a base model Ford F-150 pickup, so it can pull an auger or trailer or move a log out of the road.
    The LyteHorse travels 25 to 30 mph and up to 125 kilometers (80 miles) with four lithium-ion batteries. The vehicle was designed from the ground up to have zero maintenance. No oil or filters to change, nothing to grease, and no drivetrain. With only 33 moving parts, there are fewer things to go wrong. Prices start at about $18,000 (CAD) with 2-WD, 4-WD and other options.
    LyteHorse will be in full production in late fall 2022 to fill backorders. A manufacturing partner is in place in Michigan to serve the U.S. market.
    “The LyteHorse performs at a very high level and does so very safely. It shocks and amazes people at how stable it is, and the fun factor is massive,” Bonk says.
    The company is building dealerships across North America. More information is available on their website.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, LyteHorse, 674 Cornwall St., Regina, Sask. Canada S4R 1J4 (ridehigher@lytehorse.com; www.lytehorse.com).

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