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Underground “Root Quencher”
It gets dry in Pasadena, Calif., and Robert Summers needed a more reliable way to get water to his trees. He wasn’t able to find anything useful on the market.
“My wife and I designed the Root Quencher to take care of our trees and larger shrubs,” Summers says. “We came up with an adjustable device you install underground.”
Once installed in the ground, the cylinder-shaped Root Quencher will deliver water directly to the roots. It eliminates the evaporation you get with traditional sprinklers.
“Let’s say you have a fruit tree growing in hard soil,” he says. “Depending on how well you dig the hole and how far down the roots go, the unit will adjust to accommodate the different conditions.”
The three telescoping chambers of each device make it easy to expand or contract depending on the depth needed for watering. The Root Quencher can expand from 9 in. long for watering shrubs to 22 in. long for watering large trees.
Summers says the Root Quencher will hook up to a drip irrigation system or a 2 3/4-in. irrigation system. “We’re the only system on the market that has a valve that can adjust the flow of water,” he says. “You won’t accidentally flood a tree or bush that needs the moisture.
“You can also fertilize with our units,” Summers says. “The closed bottom on each Root Quencher means easy fertilizer application and mixing right inside the unit. Plus, directional plugs are available to block the water flow in applications for single trees or bushes.”
He points out that the Root Quencher is made in the USA.
“This would be great for fruit growers,” Summers says. “Depending on the soil and how the trees are set up, you could put one between every two fruit trees. It would water them bi-directionally.”
“Replacing one tree can cost hundreds of dollars, if not thousands,” he says. “Spending between 40 and 50 bucks for a Root Quencher that hooks up to the irrigation line will be a big win.”
The Root Quencher is $49.95 on the company website. You can buy two of them for $39.95 each, and eight units are $34.95 each.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Robert Summers, Root Quencher, 1131 Church St., Pasadena, Calif. 91105 (ph 818-877-0751; robert@indeepirrigation.com; www.rootquencher.com).

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