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Sulky Plow With Leaf Spring Reset
“A sulky plow with a leaf spring reset is the modern horse-drawn plow,” says Melvin King, White Horse Machine.
White Horse made the switch from hydraulic reset to leaf spring on their 1-bottom plow about 10 years ago. The concept quickly spread to larger plows as an increasing number of farmers moved from conventional to organic systems.
“Hydraulic resets were fine for conventional farming, but organic farmers needed something that fit their rotation from sod to row crop,” recalls King. “We designed a plow to carry the KB style plow, which has a longer and more gradual bottom. At the same time, we went to the leaf spring reset. It delivers less shock to the horse’s shoulders, has a better release system, and is more economical with less maintenance.”
White Horse made its first prototypes in 2010, introducing the first-ever sulky plow with auto reset. King notes that the friction-free bearings and unique engineering incorporated in the plow improved on older designs. The new mechanical lifting system uses helper springs to lift the plow. When striking a buried rock, the plow lifts up and over before returning to its working position.
“We took a look at old sulky plows from various manufacturers and built select and updated features into one improved system,” he says. “These aren’t plows from 100 years ago. It’s the same concept with a modern material design and new tripping, lifting and reset systems.”
King says the improvements made to the 715 Sulky Plow soon made their way into a 2-bottom trailer plow, the 725, which requires a forecart and the 748, which was a new tongue direct hitch design. They added the 732 with its 2-way plow.
“We call the 748 the Freedom Plow,” says King. “It has less draft and is safer for the operator. It offers more freedom for the operator and the horses because it pulls easier.”
The 748 has two hand cranks for easily adjusting the depth and tilt of the plow. The foot-activated clutch lift raises and lowers the plow into the ground.
“With its lever steering and torsion suspension seat, it’s really stable,” says King. “Having the operator and platform on top of the plow makes it a more stable down-draft plow.”
Prices start at $4,586 for the 750 Sulky plow with leaf spring reset.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, White Horse Machine, 5566 Old Philadelphia Pike, Gap, Penn. 17527 (ph 717 768-8313).

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