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Log Carrier Unloads Directly Onto Sawmill
Using an old Oliver disc and other old equipment parts, Gary Harmon built a handy log carrier. In addition to picking up and transporting a log, it can place the log on a sawmill Harmon made after seeing one built by Bill Reeks of Cromwell, Ky., in FARM SHOW (Vol. 23, No. 3).
“It can haul a log 30 in. dia. and 20 ft. long,” Harmon says, noting he cuts mostly walnut, but has also used it for oak, hackberry, elm and other wood.
He stripped everything off the disc frame and added a pulley to the 6-ft. tongue, for a come-a-long on the back of the carrier. That lifts the back of the log, while his tractor’s 3-point hitch (with a 6-in. pipe adapter to lift the center point) raises the front of the log.
“I back the trailer over the log, put the chain around the front and a chain around the back,” Harmon says.
With wheels 8 ft. apart, he has plenty of room to back the carrier with the log over his band sawmill or near his wood splitter.
Using parts that came from equipment left on the farm, it didn’t cost the amateur welder anything but his time. The log carrier works well and saves labor and time.
“Maybe this will give someone else an idea how to build this like I built my sawmill from a FARM SHOW story,” Harmon says.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Gary Harmon, 12419 SW 120th St., Augusta, Kansas 67010 (ph 316-733-1450; vetavc@aol.com).

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