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Tailormade Water Tank For Pickups
New for pickups is a flat bottom polyethylene tank that holds 515 gal. of water for spraying, drinking or whatever.
"It's one of the few tanks that can be used for hauling potable drinking water," explains a spokesman for Industrial Farm Tanks, Lewiston, Ohio.
The tank is designed to sit forward in the pickup box with the rear half being indented so as to clear the fender wells. Weight of the empty tank is 160 lbs., which makes--it relatively easy for one man to slide the tank in or out of the pickup bed.
The manufacturer says it can't specifically recommend the tank for transporting fuel because the polyethylene material will melt if exposed to a high flame. The material itself, however, is not adversely affected by gasoline or diesel fuel.
A 2 in. outlet fitting is standard. Other size fittings can be obtained on special order. Four hold-down devices help provide safe, easy transport. Built-in ultraviolet inhibitors keep the sun's rays out and help add to the tank's life, which the manufacturer estimates at "at least 10 to 15 years".
Sells for $270.
For more details, contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Industrial Farm Tanks, 12163 Route 274 West, Lewiston, Ohio 4333 (ph 513-843-2117).

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