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Easy-To-Set-Up Bullseye Target
Leonard Seltzer made it easy for his sons and grandkids to practice sharpshooting with a portable target. He used salvaged rebar for a support post. Replaceable targets are made from 4 by 4-in. metal faceplates from electrical boxes. The support post is 42 1/2 in. long with a horizontal base ending in two 8-in. pins for stability.
“There’s nothing to setting it up,” says Seltzer. “Just step down on the bottom bar. If you need to, you can hammer the ends with the pins.”
The support post is two lengths of 5/8-in. rebar. They are welded together at the top and near the bottom with a gap roughly 16 in. long and 3/8 in. wide between the two welds.
A short length of rebar is welded to the top of the post to serve as a handle. At the base, the two lengths of rebar angle out to either side where they are welded to the horizontal base with its vertical pins.
Seltzer designed the gap to secure a T-shaped target support arm. He used 5 and 10-in. long pieces of 1/2-in. dia. rebar to make the T after drilling holes near each end of the 5-in. piece to hold 1/4-in. bolts.
“It was tricky to drill the holes in-line and then center the 10-in. rod between them,” says Seltzer.
When finished, he was able to insert bolts through the holes and the gap in the post and secure them with washers and nuts. The target support arm extends out from the post and horizontal to the ground.
“You can adjust the elevation of the arm by loosening the nuts on the bolts and sliding them up or down in the gap,” says Seltzer.
To make targets, he puts the foam backs of two faceplates together and pop rivets them at two opposing corners. He then drills a hole in a third corner for a 5/16-in. bolt. This is used to attach the target to a short length of chain with a self-locking snap at the other end.
He ordered adhesive bullseye targets from Birchwood Casey, Brantford, Texas, to stick on the face plates.
He uses railroad ties stacked five high to absorb spent bullets.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Leonard Seltzer, 16040 Manhattan Rd., Manhattan, Ill. 60442 (ph 779-279-5116).

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