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Transplanter Handles Tall Seedlings
Spading in bare-root trees, shrubs and vines isn’t necessary if you have a mechanical bare-root transplanter from Spapperi. The Italian company specializes in precision agricultural and forestry equipment.
  “We have many solutions to offer from simple machines to much more complex machines with complete GPS/RTK control systems,” says Andrea Bernicchi, Spapperi.
  The TN100 transplants big bare-root trees, up to 6 ft. in height, as well as trees in pots. The TN100 is only one of several transplanters offered by the Italian company that can handle large bare-root seedlings, as well as potted seedlings. It can be set up with a variety of attachments and designs, such as placing a support stake with a bare root tree.
  At its simplest, the TN100 TSL consists of an opener, two press wheels that push the furrow closed around the roots and rolling coulters that ridge dirt up around the row of trees. Workers drop the bare root trees into the furrow ahead of the large press wheels. A variation uses the same design, but with one worker placing stakes as the other places the young tree.
  A more complex and precise unit is the TN100 TT with its rotating placement mechanism. With it, the worker(s) place bare root seedlings from baskets at their side into retainers on the wheel. As the machine moves through the field, the opener creates a planting furrow, and the wheel rotates the roots into the furrow. Wheels to either side press the roots into the soil while keeping the stem vertical until closing wheels cover the roots with dirt. Press wheels firm up the dirt around the roots.
  The TN100 can be towed or mounted. The mounted version is compatible with Cat. II and Cat. III 3-pt. hitches. Its design allows the transplanter to flex with the terrain. Side support wheels ensure desired planting depth, and the GPS/RTK ensures spacing.
  Bernicchi notes that the TN100 can be adapted to all types of trees.  Bernicchi emphasizes that prices vary according to options and customization. The TN100 can range in price from $32,000 to $38,000 depending on how the machine is set up. GPS/RTK is extra.
  Todd Harton is a U.S. distributor for Spapperi tobacco transplanters but notes that he can handle any Spapperi products.
  “They manufacture very reliable products that we run on our own farm,” says Harton. “I have a 6-row transplanter that has transplanted over 3,000 acres with very few repairs.”
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mr. Andrea Bernicchi, Spapperi NT S.r.l, Via Pietro Ercolani, 5 B, 06012 Città di Castello PG, Italy (ph 011 39 075 857 8156; andrea@spapperi.com; www.spapperi.com); or Todd Harton, Spapperi USA, 80 Brame Rd., Cadiz, Ky. 42211 (ph 270-836-4946).

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