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Airless Worry-Free Pivot Tire
Evolution Wheel created their EWRS-Pivot series airless tires with individual segments, each bolted to a steel rim. If necessary, these segments can be replaced separately using only a 3/4-in. socket right in the field.
    The no-flat tire is engineered with unique core hole geometry that compresses like traditional air-filled tires for improved traction. This compression feature makes the tire self-cleaning by pushing out any extra material that could add weight.
    To maintain traction over hills or around obstacles in wet fields, the tire features a true-to-spec 14.9-in. by 24-in. build with increased surface area. Its concave profile offers an aggressive bidirectional tread design to maximize traction and floatation with a convex shape that pushes mud out from under the tire, causing ruts.
    “Our tire limits and even reverses deep rutting, one of the biggest problems facing irrigation tires,” says Derek Westra, Evolution Wheel’s marketing specialist.
    He believes the EWRS-Pivot series center pivot irrigation tires have both the benefits of an airless tire and the compression of air-filled, pneumatic tires. Their high-quality rubber also contains special UV protection to prevent rubber deterioration and increase longevity.
    The EWRS-Pivot series tires measure 48 in. in diameter and 14 in. in width. They weigh 330 lbs. and are rated for a maximum load of 5,000 lbs.
    Westra says Evolution Wheel owns the entire manufacturing process of the tires and only uses the highest quality North American materials. Interested customers should contact the company for pricing information.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Derek Westra, Evolution Wheel, 1061 Notre Dame Ave., Winnipeg, Man., Canada R3E 0N4 (ph 888-249-4790; dwestra@evolutionwheel.com; www.evolutionwheel.com).

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