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Ultra-Strong Mega Mower “Devours” Brush
“We’ve been building strong and dependable skid steer mowers for more than 20 years, but the new Mega Mower X takes strength and dependability to a new level,” says Cory Putnam, product specialist at Quick Attach.
  Brute strength for the three Mega Mower X sizes starts at the mounting plate, which utilizes Grade 50 1/2-in. plate steel on the wedge bar, side plates and bottom flange. These components are welded to the back plate of the mower, which runs the full width of the deck. The back plate also reinforces the top of the deck by supporting the 1/4 in. vertical ribs.
  Putnam says the Mega Mower X series, available in 66, 72 and 78-in. cutting widths, is built for extreme cutting, mulching and brush grinding conditions and, depending on hydraulic mower power options, can cut trees up to 10 in. in diameter. Decks are reinforced horizontally with 2 by 4-in. tube steel and vertically by 1/4-in. plate steel. Mounted steps on both top rear corners allow safe operator access to the skid steer. Rounded skid plates on the bottom edges and tapered rear corners prevent trash from collecting when the machine is moved backward. Laser-cut teeth on the front corners allow the mower to shear small tree branches as the unit moves forward in heavy brush.
  Putnam says the cutting plate on Mega Mowers is square for added strength rather than round as on many competitive mowers. “It’s made of 3/4-in. thick Grade 50 steel with 1/2-in. thick reinforcements on the center hub and blade mounting points. Wedge lock washers lock the bolts into the threaded plate. The blade carrier is driven by a fully forged single-piece shaft that’s machined to the size of the mower. Blades are made of 1/2-in. thick by 5 in. wide AR 400 steel. Blades are mounted to the carrier with forged and heat-treated bolts. Carbide teeth near the center of the blade carrier, the same teeth as those used on the company’s stump grinders, aid in tearing apart brush as the blades rotate.”
  A 2-in. by 4-in. by 3/16-in. thick push bar on the front of the mower is mounted at a 15-degree angle to provide maximum force when the mower blades, which protrude 5 in. in front of the deck, encounter standing trees.
  “Another key feature is a wire catcher, located above the blade carrier, to prevent stray wire from wrapping around the drive shaft. Several hydraulic motors are available to complement different skid steer flow ranges, including high-flow piston motor options. Pricing varies depending on motor options and sizes, contact the company for a quote.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Quick Attach, 5181 State Highway 29 North, Alexandria, Minn. 56308 (ph 866-428-8224).

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