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Trailer Jack Supports Roof Overhang
When Don Wiederhold’s neighbor asked for his help with supporting her sagging overhanging roof while repairs were made, he came up with an innovative solution.
    Since the 6 by 6-in. wooden post that normally held up the roof was rotten, she needed something adjustable to temporarily replace it.
    Wiederhold thought an old manual boat trailer jack might work as part of the solution. He first removed the small wheel from its bracket as a 2 by 6-in. board would fit nicely into its size and shape. He then inverted the jack and welded matching brackets to it and a length of 2-in. round pipe to secure them together. The jack barrel fit inside the pipe with the crank handle sliding into a narrow slot he cut lengthwise in the pipe’s end.
    For added strength and stability, he welded a square metal foot to the bottom of the pipe. He also drilled a hole through the top bracket to bolt or screw it to a 2 by 6 which would be secured to the roof.
    To make an even more versatile support, Wiederhold suggests a separate piece of pipe could be slid inside the main pipe with pre-drilled adjustment holes.
    “It’s a simple bolt-up assembly,” he says. “You just put it under the overhang onto a 2 by 6 and crank it to the height you need. It doesn’t slip out and works really well.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Don Wiederhold (auburn1eagle@gmail.com).

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