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Lift Tool Raises Grain Hoppers
The X-Press Lift Tool, produced by X-Press Truck Tools in North Little Rock, Ark., was designed to help grain haulers cut down the number of arm, back and shoulder injuries. Company president Glenn Hart says the lift mechanism has two main functions. It raises and lowers trailers for semi-trucks and, more specifically for farming, raises and lowers grain hopper doors by using a battery drill to power the lift.
To build the lift tool, Hart begins with a base kit about the size of an airplane steering wheel. He builds it to withstand 90 to 100 lbs. of torque.
“Initially, it was designed to raise and lower trailer legs, essentially replacing your arm cranking away to raise and lower the trailer,” Hart says. “Then I saw the same need relative to grain hopper doors where a person is cranking that too.”
The base kit includes a lithium-ion battery-powered high torque drill, a charger, and a connector for grain hopper doors. For semi-trailers, a trailer kit can hook onto the shaft of the trailer arms. Both kits are $459.99.
For large truck operators, the tool can lower and raise trailer legs in about 20 seconds. The tool is easy to store in the cab of a semi-tractor.
For the grain hopper tool, users can also purchase a torque elimination device (TED) for an extra $50. Hart says the TED was designed for added safety and can help reduce arm and shoulder injuries.
“Grain elevators are typically buying both of them as a kit,” Hart says. “Employees can open the hopper doors, unload the grain hoppers and shouldn’t have to worry about injuries.” Hart says the tool is also beneficial for large farms because it can speed up unloading time, especially during peak harvest season, when farmers are driving hard to get the grain off the field and into storage.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Glen Hart, 1301 N. Main St., Suite C, North Little Rock, Ark. 72114 (ph 214-884-8258; ghart@xpresstrucktools.com).

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