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Foam Cleaner Minimizes Damage To Paint
Instead of scrubbing or pressure washing dirty tractors, combines or other equipment, you can foam them using Dakota Ag’s foam, says Lynn Odland, President of Dakota Ag Innovations. Grime, grease and contaminants are cleaned off without harming electronics or paint in half the time of regular power washing. Dakota Wash HD includes derivatives of soy and corn in its formulations.
He first used the ag ingredients to create Dakota Shine 22 years ago (FARM SHOW Vol. 31, No. 6), which brings life back to faded, dull paint. It’s sold in 26 countries for construction and ag equipment clean-up.
“Out of necessity, we came up with Power of Foam. Customers needed a faster and more effective way to get rid of grime and crud. Most heavy degreasers are alkaline based and the more you use them the duller paint gets. Also, whenever you power wash equipment (3,000 psi or more), the pressure can damage electronics,” he says. “Dakota Wash gently lifts contaminates and cuts wash time in half. Many of the major equipment OEMs are already using it.”
There are two application options. For customers who only need it occasionally to clean skid steers, trucks or farm equipment, the Power Cannon quick attaches to a power washer wand. The concentrate in the bottle mixes with the water and it only takes a couple of minutes to foam a tractor. After a couple of more minutes, when the foam starts sliding, rinse it off from the bottom up with the regular pressure washer nozzle. The Power Canon ($90) comes with a gallon of concentrate, enough to do two combines.
A Wall Unit foam package ($1,800) is available for larger fleets. It connects to an air compressor and pulls 5 gals. of concentrate mixed with 50 gals. of water out of a drum and includes a 75-ft. hose capable of blowing foam 25 ft.
“One of the important things we found is that Dakota Wash HD neutralizes farm chemicals and fertilizers, ” Odland says.
“We are truly ag-powered. Power of Foam is biodegradable, user-friendly and non-hazardous,” he concludes.
The website includes videos of it in use along with other products, including the aluminum cleaner being used on grain and stock trailers. Products can be ordered through the website or at many dealer locations found on the site’s store locator.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dakota Ag Innovations, 40690 253rd Street, Mitchell, S.D. 57301 (ph 888-996-7801; info@poweroffoam.com; www.poweroffoam.com).

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