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Handy Remote Electrical Outlet
Harley Willett had a dull chainsaw with no outlet to power the sharpener, so the Texas man got creative.
    “I was looking at the trailer hitch on my 2007 Dodge 2500,” Willett says. “I thought if I could plug it in there, I could work on the tailgate. It’s a great work surface, as long as you can supply power,” he says.
    The ability to work on the tailgate meant he wouldn’t have to balance the sharpener under the hood to clip onto the battery.
    So, he went shopping. He bought a Buyers TC2007P trailer connector from Surplus Center, 6 ft. of 12-ga. landscape wire from Home Depot, and a pair of alligator clips. The total bill was about ten dollars.
    “Almost all of the newer trucks have the 7-pin connectors that support battery connections, which means this would work,” he says. Willett says the TC2007P is marked inside with the correct pins for battery and ground, which worked well with his Dodge truck. Ford, Chevy, and other truck models may be different.
    “Most trailer battery connections are fused for about 10 amps,” he says, “so make sure what you’re using doesn’t overload the wiring.”
    Willett’s inspiration for this idea came from wiring up his trailer. “I put one of those trailer connector boxes on it and noticed it had all the wiring codes right in it,” he says.
    “I know someone has a 12-volt blender and will figure out how to plug it in to literally have a tailgate party,” he says with a laugh.
    “I’m not doing this to make money,” Willett says. “I just wanted to share an idea I thought would work well for others.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Harley Willett, Dallas, Texas, 75214 (ph 214-696-4685; harwill99@yahoo.com).

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