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Use The Caulking Finger Instead Of Yours
“Why wear out your finger? Just use mine,” says Daniel Stephenson, about The Caulking Finger, a handy tool he invented and uses regularly.
As a painter for more than 30 years, his invention was inspired after a job on a big, old house took 15 cases of caulking on the outside and left him bleeding on every finger.
“I was tired of wearing my fingers out with caulk. So I decided I’d make a rubber finger,” Stephenson says. He had a mold made of his index finger and experimented with various materials until he found an engineered rubber that has the right blend of flexibility and stiffness to work well.
It’s also easy to clean in a bucket of water or with a wet rag.
“I can caulk with gloves on and never touch the caulk,” Stephenson says.
The patented $10 tool will last a long time when used on smooth surfaces, such as bathtubs and painted walls. Stucco and rough siding materials wear the rubber down faster, but contractors tell him they can caulk three houses with The Caulking Finger and that it saves them time.
Stephenson demonstrates using The Caulking Finger in several videos on his website. For a professional, smooth finish he stresses cutting the caulking tube to the width of the crack so there isn’t any excess.
In addition to painters and construction workers, roofers use The Caulking Finger when applying Black Jack sealants. Plumbers also use it, and a car upholsterer with arthritis uses the tool to push fabric in corners.
The Caulking Finger is available at some stores and through the company’s website, where Stephenson offers a discount on large quantity orders (100+). FARM SHOW readers can use the coupon code “Farm Show” for free shipping.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, The Caulking Finger, 22 Pigeon Circle, Monticello, Ga. 31064 (ph 678-859-5515; sales@thecaulkingfinger.com; www.thecaulkingfinger.com).

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