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Tear Mender Patches Fabric, Vinyl and Leather
Iíve always sewn patches to mend jeans, but after trying Tear Mender thatís going to change. Iím not sure whatís in the non-toxic adhesive, but patches placed either on the inside of jeans or the outside held up very well, even after machine washing and drying.
Developed by Val ďThe BishĒ Cismoski in 1932, Tear Mender can be found online and at many hardware, farm supply, and even fabric chain stores. The Tear Mender website sells it for $8, plus shipping. I ordered the premier leather repair kit and vinyl repair kit to test.
The adhesive sticks and holds just as well on an old leather couch that had a couple of sizeable rips. After cleaning the leather with alcohol and placing heavy fabric on the underside of the tears, I squeezed Tear Mender on the fabric and leather. The adhesive is rather runny, and you have to work with it quickly as it dries in 3 minutes.
It has held together very well, even on the armrest. But I can see where it is mended. The kit comes with brown, black and white paints to mix in to help it blend, but I wasnít successful in trying to match the couchís maroon tint. Still, itís a big improvement from the big tears. I think it would work well on small tears on a purse or leather garment. The vinyl kit has big patches that work great to fix tarps, tents and inflatable pool toys.
I also used Tear Mender to glue a loose sole on my husbandís work boot and itís held together all summer.
I like that itís acid-free, non-toxic, odorless and easy to clean up. Itís also UV-resistant, water-proof and flexible. Another bonus is that the Tear Mender employs workers at the Lighthouse For the Blind to package and ship products.
Videos on the website show how to use Tear Mender on a variety of fabrics. For me, itís provided an easier, better way to mend jeans and I can save my sewing machine for better uses, such as creating quilts.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tear Mender (ph 800-542-3697; www.tearmender.com).

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