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These Fans Keep Barns Cool
Farmer Boy Ag Supply is a wholesale supplier of agriculture and livestock equipment, including Arctic Blast fans. These fans offer a cost-effective solution for industrial cooling in barns and dairy facilities.
The Arctic Blast fans work to create a high-speed cooling wave of air that travels across the floor, making it ideal for cooling people and animals in close confines. They use ultra-fine water particles to absorb heat and transport it away, so they can change the temperature fast without leaving a wet feeling in the room.
The profitability of most dairy farms goes down as summer temperatures rise. Installing a cooling system can prevent the heat from negatively affecting milk production. They work exceptionally well in confined spaces like a holding area or milking parlor where tightly packed animals can raise temperatures fast and stress the whole group.
Arctic Blast fans come in two sizes, the full-size 72 in. ($2,295) or the 55-in. Cyclone ($1,737). With both models, you get tight blade clearance for reduced air drag and noise, and Arctic Air’s guaranteed life-long belts that can be removed or serviced without special tools.
Jacob Leach, owner of Wet Meadows Farm to Table, has found success with Arctic Air fans. He manages a 100-cow dairy in Cottage Grove, Tenn.
“We purchased and installed four 72-in. Arctic Blast fans over our bedding packs about 14 to 16 ft. up,” he shared. “Cows love them. We keep them running ten or eleven months of the year. We do turn them down in cooler weather and off when it’s cold, but as the cows are in there year-round, I’d say they’ve been running all but 6 mos. since we hung them 4 or 5 years ago.”
Leach values the flexibility Arctic Blast products offer over traditional options. “They were a great fit for us, especially in a hoop barn where you can’t mount a conventional fan off of rafters. We hung our Arctic Blast fans using cables to suspend them.”
Despite his praise, Leach does have one reservation. “As for pros, these fans are reliable, offer speed control, and move a lot of air. The biggest con is we only wish we didn’t have to manually restart them after a power outage. That’s not a big thing anymore, but you can imagine after that first time when $11k worth of fans were off and didn’t come back on by themselves!”
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