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Seeder Plants Directly Into Hayfield
Approximately 15 years ago, Güttler Agricultural Equipment in Germany developed a system for overseeding into existing hay stands to avoid the need for plowing.
  Originally, Güttler manufactured a broadcasting machine with a raised tank that delivered the grass seed through tubing. This system worked best on recently cut hay fields or when planting a new area as the grass seeds weren’t blocked by taller stands.
  “It dethatches, aerates, opens the seed bed, and broadcasts as the tines are scratching,” says Philippe Ruf, joint owner of PMI-Ag, Quebec. “Seed goes right to the ground where the packer presses it in. It’s just like nature, the plants get mature, the wind blows the seed into the ground, and the animals trample it in.”
  The seeder features an aggressive toothed board in the front to level gopher mounds and scratch the soil between 1/2 and 1 in. deep. Outlet hoses send the seed into small spreader plates directing them forward into the moving tines where they fall to the ground. Güttler’s unique self-cleaning packer system uses 305 contact points per square meter to ensure accurate placement and perfect ground contact. As the seed pattern is fan-shaped instead of in rows, overall coverage is improved.
  Ruf says their most popular seeders are 10, 20 and 40 ft. widths which can plant about 30 acres per hour.
  “The same machine can be used year after year to cover seed if there’s been frost damage or areas that didn’t catch properly,” he says.
  In 2017, Güttler modified their cover seeder for seed delivery into taller forages as is often the custom in Europe. When grass is taller, it’s much more difficult to position the seed accurately in the ground as it can stick to the higher-up leaves due to humidity and moisture. Güttler offered an alternative to the broadcasting option by simply blowing the fine seed through the tubes now placed directly behind tines where they drop below the height of the crop to be deposited 1 to 2-in. above the ground.
  Ruf says the existing broadcast equipment is available in widths between 4 and 40 ft. while the tine seeding models come in 10 and 20-ft. sizes.
  The 10-ft. model is built for a 3-pt. hitch with tines, packers and seeder lifting together. The 20-ft. model features the tines right behind the tractor allowing sharp turns in the field. The 40-ft. unit is unique, having eight independent 5-ft. packer sections that allow for optimum ground follow.
  Güttler seeding equipment is produced and manufactured in Germany and is available in Canada through PMI-Ag in Stanstead, Quebec. U.S. distribution is not available currently.
  Ruf urges customers to visit the PMI-Ag website or Facebook page for more information and pricing.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Philippe Ruf, Stanstead, Quebec, Canada J0B 3E0 (ph 819-342-5819; info@pmi-ag.ca; www.pmi-ag.ca).

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