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How To Get Started With Pastured Poultry
One of FARM SHOW’s favorite online forums is hosted by the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association (APPPA). Recently, Sarah, a new member, asked how to build a chicken tractor. We thought APPPA member responses might help FARM SHOW readers who are thinking of pasturing poultry themselves.
  The APPPA member forum is a great resource on any number of pastured poultry topics. A $50 per year membership is like hiring a troop of experts with real-life experience.
  Mike Badger with APPPA quickly responded with suggestions of variables to consider, like whether she was interested in broilers or layers and what breed. He also provided a link to APPPA plans at https://apppa.org/shelters.
  Some responders were almost as new to pastured poultry as Sarah. Matt was in his first year and recommended John Suscovich (Vol. 45, No. 4) style shelters as “easy to build, and super easy to move.” He built 10 of them holding 30 birds each.
  Susan suggested Sarah consider the weather, as some shelters like the Salatin (Vol. 16, No. 4) style might be too hot in Southern states. She emphasized ergonomics and efficiency when considering a shelter style and recommended the APPPA website for videos, as well as the YouTube channel www.youtube.com/c/ampasturedpoultry. She then recommended hooped pens as her favorite.
  Garoleen described starting with a cattle panel hoop house, moving to a covered trailer, and finally a Prairie Schooner (Vol. 42, No. 4).
  Another option is to go to the FARM SHOW website archives to search pastured poultry. You’ll find more than 40 articles.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, P.O. Box 85, Hughesville, Penn. 17737 (ph 888-662-7772; grit@apppa.org; www.apppa.org).

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